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Formula 1 says it’s going carbon neutral but fans must demand greater detail on how

In fact, international travel and logistics required to put on the race comprise 72.7% of the total F1 series carbon footprint. Authors… Michelle O’Shea, Western Sydney University; Neil Perry, Western Sydney University, and Sarah Duffy, Western Sydney University When Formula 1 announced late last year that the sport would be carbon neutral by 2030, the […]

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Down Memory Lane: How 2017 New York Eprix Got Me Hooked On Formula E

Two years ago, slightly over a month to the date, I chanced upon my first Formula E race: the 2017 New York eprix. Needless to add, I have been hooked since then. If there’s a sport that captures the imagination of this blog, it has to be Formula E. Often they say: “You are what […]