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What a time to be alive! Young Kenyan working mum to two toddlers on experience of being a Nairobi mum during COVID-19 Nairobi lockdown

I’m a Kenyan mum. Young and an adopted, not born, Nairobian. I’m blessed in many ways. When I count my blessings, having a family and holding a salaried job rank only after my good health. These last two – a stable job and health – is something that a growing number of Kenyans don’t have. […]

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Nairobi City Guide: Beyond Coffee Table Guides & Glossy IN FLIGHT Magazines, This is Nairobi Through Music About Kenya’s Capital

The tracks that feature here are those whose lyrical content and music videos gives the audience a real feel of Nairobi. Each of these songs is essentially a Nairobi City guide but in the non-traditional sense. The songs are about stuff that we do. Stuff that any tourist to Kenya’s capital needs to partake to […]

Nairobi National Park Project 318 mi.

VIDEO: Nairobi’s Locked Kiss With Wildlife + INFO On How To Get Involved In Conserving Nairobi National Park

Nairobi begun as an outpost along the railway connecting the Kenyan Coast, Mombasa, and the hinterland of the then British Protectorate of East Africa. 1900 was the year. Mile 318 what was it was originally called. Away from the man eaters of Tsavo and awash with cool water from its many springs, it was just too perfect an area both […]

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Nairobi Up Close: Love, Sex & The City

We delve into the silent whispers in the city, fleshing out how identity politics and institutions have a say on your having a good time. This is Nairobi up close. From the time audiences met HBO’s Sex and the City, it became the automatic choice for pop culture references on expressions of sexuality in urban […]

Life In Nairobi Nairobi City Guides

Living in Nairobi: When you find A home away from home in Kenya’s Capital

We have all gone traveling somewhere and never wanted to leave. This installment of our series that paints a portrait of Nairobi through music dutifully builds on our previous offerings. In this edition, the intention was to tell the experience of living in Nairobi, that made these chart topping musicians sing about home. Instead what […]

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Nairobbery: Revealing The Nakedness of Nairobi’s Notoriety Through Kenyan Hip Hop

What is Nairobbery? A common refrain would be Nairobbery is a song.  A title to a song and album made famous by a dynamic, legendary Kenyan hip hop group. We start this journey that takes us to a delectable spot in the evolution of Nairobi’s urban culture from this spot. This edition of our series […]

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Discover Nairobi Nightlife Through Music- When the City Partys

Nairobians love their drink. And the night. Maybe it’s a cultural thing. Could be just collective escapism from living in an African city faced with the discomforts of being on the shot-end of neo-liberalism. But that’s not the story for today. Today “tunaweka shida chini tunatupa mikono juu”. However, we’ll be doing that on a […]

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Nairobi Traffic Jams : 10 Things

Beijing. Lagos. New York. Jakarta. Nairobi. When anthropologists do get to it, science might just confirm our worst fears: That those endless hours spent in traffic irredeemably shaped the human in the 21st Century. And adversely so. But who’s to blame? Granted, from way back, traffic jams are part of the college of any city. […]

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Eastleigh Nairobi As Told By A Born Nairobian: Through The 90’s, Crime, Piracy and Emergence As Shopping District

Contemporary conjecture on the piracy-industrial-complex, the Somalia question and the culture of the Kenyan capital, implores that taking a walk through Eastleigh Nairobi would be of great benefit. In our attempts at testing this theory, we sought the help of a born and bred Nairobian. Together, we traced the metamorphosis of this address of Nairobi […]


Courage of The Bobi Wine Mural Portrait At PAWA 254, Nairobi, Kenya

#ArtRising is the slogan of the Nairobi based creative advocacy outfit, PAWA254. This .org is associated with globally acclaimed activist photojournalist, author and Ukweli party leader Boniface Mwangi. True to type – utilizing art, media and ICT as weapons towards a better Kenya, this stunning giant Bobi Wine mural in Nairobi was recently unveiled to […]