The Complete High Heels, Stilettos, & Strappy Heels Bible

Keep Killin’ It In Them High Heels

Did you know that high-heeled shoes give a woman a graceful walk; and the illusion of legs that go on for miles on end? A woman in heels is a lioness walking in slow mo. They move with a slink- stalk which is both captivating and powerful. Deadly too, perhaps enchanting as heels make the haunches sashay naturally- and we know hips don’t lie.

Besides, stilettos make the wearer appear taller. Throw in a good pair, and in an instant, a petite woman becomes more statuesque. And we all know what a few extra inches does to our confidence, right?

Still a woman who can run in heels is fierce…in a very good way. Story for another day. For our sisters, the full bodied woman, heels will make you appear more slender. By emphasizing the natural curve of your spine, heels gives the illusion of  elongating your body.  They make you look slimmer, more streamlined so to say. We all know that flats make you appear “matronly”….. most times that is! Matronly isn’t exactly a versatile look.


Heels accentuate your legs. They alter your posture, elongating your legs and making them look leaner and more defined. Coupled with the right beauty routine, high heels give your legs a toned sexy look.

Throw in makeup done right – simple as too much makeup  heels = tacky. Get the right length of weave for the occasion – once again heels have a way of pushing beauty statements over the top. The right underwear to match your outfit – commando, comfort or flirty your choice. Remember to spice it up with good fragrance and go own the world girl.

Mostly, I like them heels, lets face it, because of the subtle lift they give the hind parts. Even if you are ‘tiny’ like me, all it takes is for a few inches off the ground to have a good day.

High Heels, Stilettos and Strappy Heels – The DOs

Do walk heel to toe. The only way to look natural is to put your heel down first, then shift the balance to your toes. This is the no. 1 rule when wearing high heels.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a fabulous pair of shoes. Invest in a few great pairs of high-heeled shoes. When shopping for high heels with the intention of building your own mini collection, if you can, go for the fearsome three: fabulous black, nude and boot heels.

As demonstrated in the video, do take small steps when you walk in heels. Taking short strides ensures that your weight is balanced so you don’t tip over.

Do make sure that your shoes fit perfectly. Ill-fitting footwear makes it difficult to walk and may lead to ankle sprains, blisters and ugly foot corns. If too big, try adding shoe pads and insoles. If too small, just drop them.

Do wear heels made of leather. Leather is the best material for heels because it can expand to give your feet breathing room. Leather heels are pliable allowing one to twitch and stretch their toes and improve blood circulation to your feet

Finally, ladies be confident in heels. The easiest way to portray confidence is to speak fluently. Work on your diction rather than your mastery of the dictionary. Whichever your choice of language – English, vernacular or Swahili – strive for clarity.


Don’t buy only ‘super’ high heels. Make sure you own heels of different heights for different occasions. When you know you will be on your feet for longer, wear a cute pair of kitten heels instead of stilettos. It helps to carry a pair of flats in your handbag for a quick change if you have to walk long distances across town.

Don’t start by diving into the deep end of the pool. Start with a 1″ to 2″ heel and work your way slowly to that 5″ Louboutin stiletto. Ensure the shoes are wide enough for your feet and fit comfortably.

Don’t walk in a V-pattern in high-heeled shoes. Practice your walk. Imagine walking on a tight rope. Your legs will be slightly crossing each other as you walk. That is how you should walk in heels. You should sashay. Practice walking in a slow and confident manner that makes people notice you. Glide nonchalantly.

Don’t wear high heels on your walk to and from work or when you have to walk a long stretch to catch a bus or when out and about shopping and running errands. On such days, your feet will thank you for popping a pair of fold-out flats into your bag to wear after a long day in heels.

If you are going to an outdoor event, wedding or funeral, do not wear stilettos or other pointed heels. They’ll inevitably sink in the ground/grass.

Do not wear heels to a date if you are planning to get plastered. High-heeled shoes + drunk = the ghastly sight akin to a grasshopper in heels. Its a total turn off.

Out Shopping For High Heels? Tips On Picking The Right Heels

To answer the key question when out shopping of  heels. we have to consider three things. What’s the right heel range for work (i.e the occasion), which type (high heels, low rises, stilettos, strappy heels or wedges?) and color. We don’t want to turn the office into a seduction field through the power of the heel.

image of variety of types of white to grey high heels on a white background

1.5″ is perfect when you want a little lift. It’s feminine but practical.

2″ provides enough lift to give your step a spring, but not too high that the balls of your feet will be aching at the end of the day.

3″ is the classic heel size  and is perfect for office wear. Looks great in a round, pointed or peep toe.

4″ is sassy and classy and perfect for evening dinners and after work activities. Also great for weekends out with the girls.

4.5″ gives height and stability of a platform and look gorgeous in stiletto. Although high, can give you mileage.

6″ heel is gorgeous but very high and not for everybody and that’s OK.

The Cinderella complex

Don’t be victim to the Cinderella complex. This is when women do things like try to fit a size 9 foot into a size 7 shoe because it is dope. This on stilettos is a prescription for embarrassing  disaster.

For colour, stick to the classic blacks, browns and navy blues if in a conservative office environment. If in a liberal office set up, you can explore different shoe colors to match your outfit or handbag or belt. Just ensure not to look like a baby doll or a cartoon characters.

For the ENDOWED, wedges and thicker heels are advised.

Masgwembe & Other Heel Troubles

Q What can I do to avoid developing mazgwembe (prominent ‘manly’ calf muscles) because of heels?

Vary your heel height. Alternate between very high, medium, low heels and flats. Vary the heel design too – from stilettos to chunky heels to wedges.

I Swear, My Stilettos Fit When I bought Them. Now They Can’t For All My Maneuvers

Have you tried some lube? Just kidding! Always fit shoes and try walking around in them to confirm their fit and comfort and whether they will sustain your weight. It is also advisable to purchase shoes in the afternoon after your feet have naturally expand

My back gets tired so fast,what could be the problem?

Check that the shoe is the right fit and comfortable. Consider heel height and design too. Keep varying this to avoid straining your backbones and spine.

However, even with all the tricks, continued use of very high-heeled shoes can eventually lead to back pains and harm the integrity the musculoskeletal support of your spinal column.

Posture. It is all about posture. Walk with your shoulders back, engage your abs and place the balls of your feet down before you touch your heels to the ground.

I’m team click-clack, What to do?

Like click-clacking in heels in hallways attracting unnecessary attention ?

Permanent solution: Take your pumps to a cobbler for rubber soles and rubber heel tips. But you wouldn’t risk that with a $100 shoe or would you?

It goes back to your walk: Glide instead of taking short quick steps. Ensure shoes fit well. Constant slipping on and off makes them noisier.

Temporarily, you can add masking or duck tape to the heel tips. Hideous but what to do?

Try buying shoes with patented noise-reducing heel tips which are designed to be quiet.

Interesting Stories, Weird Tit Bits & Uncomfortable Facts About High-Heeled Shoes

I just realized heels are not a modern invention. Yeah, women have been putting up with these torture devices for centuries. From platforms, pumps, heels to stilettos some quirky facts about these loved form of shoe.

Quotes on High Heels 

Fake it till we make it…if we do it in high heels, the better.


Life is short, your heels shouldn’t be.

-Brian Atwood-

99% Of Women on Heels & Other Embarrassing Heels Stories 

99% of women who wear heels have undergone this: It once happened to me. Outside a supermarket in town and the heel just gave way. I didn’t have an extra pair. I just hopped back into the car and drove up to a shoe store, walked in bare footed to get some sandals. That was one loooooong day. Ladies, always carry superglue in your purse, just in case your heels breaks or shoe glue comes apart (accidents happen).

99% of women who wear heels do this. This is a typical day of a lady on heels. 

  1. Wear heels from house to car, change-wear flats for driving.
  2. Arrive at destination, change from flats to heels, walks to office.
  3. Once in office, change to flats that are kept in the office.
  4. Lunch time, wear heels, go out for lunch. Come back, wear office flats.
  5. End of day, wear heels to evening dates or appointments.
  6. For ladies without cars, wear heels but carry flats in bag. Suffer walking long distances in heels. When fatigue become unbearable, change to flats for the rest of the day and carry the heels.

But ladies, why?

Tit Bits & Uncomfortable Truths About High Heels

Someone told me if you have a stressful issue instead of drinking
yourself silly, you put on a stilettos 1 or 2 sizes lower. Your attention
will be on your toes throughout.

What looks good on Kim Kardashian or Mrs. J’kogelo, may not look good on you.

Driving in stilettos is pretty dangerous. You may fail to hit the breaks when you really need to.

It is not cool to be seen struggling to strut along uhuru park in 6″ after work. Why break your spine? There is a shoe for every occasion. .

Heels may be all the rage, but they are not flattering if you have bow legs. Bow legs and ugly knees can be fashion nightmares if not suited well. But there are ways to flatter your figure and still be on-trend by drawing attention to other areas of your body.

Love Heels? Avoid These Pairings to Avert Fashion Disasters

  • Keep off Capri, Bermuda shorts, stretch jeans and vertical-stripe tights.
  • Wear long pants , not too fitted though as that tends to draw the eye away from the knee or the shape of the leg.
  • Avoid straight skirts that hit at the knee since they draw the eye to the area you are disguising – not so sightly knees or particularity luscious long legs.
  • Choose longer, fuller, flowing skirts.

Bless whoever invented heels.

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