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BUJU BANTON BE STROLLING INTO TOWN A FREE MAN: The Very Best Your Favorite Buju Songs, Free!

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As Buju Banton walks free, in such like situations, I guess, the question is always going to be: How much does prison change a man? We’ve had numerous accounts of how extraordinary men like Nelson Mandela, Jomo Kenyatta, Christopher Owiro aka Karl Max turned mythical following imprisonment. How much of Buju Banton will we recognize in his music? How much of his being, after almost a decade of time in federal prison, will be familiar?

Prison can be traumatizing not just on myself, but on my family as well as emotionally draining,” he explained, β€œFor me, I drew strength from immersing myself in my situation. Do not live in yesterday but live in today. And education was the only thing that kept me up and alive. I immersed myself in reading so much – theology, philosophy and other subjects.

Buju Banton

A More Sober Buju Banton Then?

Writing for The Daily Nation – before the big divorce – on how prison changed Mandela, respected Kenyan political satire commentator/writer/journalist Kwamchetsi Makokha chose this Mandela quote

There is nothing like a long spell in prison to focus your mind and bring to you a more sober appreciation of the realities of your society.

Nine years it was for Buju Banton? That’s a lot of time to focus one’s mind. I mean, even short stints – days to weeks – has made men find their mien. We saw it recently with Uganda’s Bobi Wine. To date, the symbol of young Uganda’s disaffection struggles to define his question: Where’s the meat in the #PeoplePower_Our Power movement?

Closer home, Dr. Ouma Oluga’s , lone voice often, continues to articulate with clarity fixes to the fucktangular Kenyan health system. Admirably so, we tilt our hat to him,  years after the infamous incarceration of the  #CBA7. Listening to the Secretary General of the doctor’s union, you have to appreciate his sober appreciation of the realities of society. Maybe it’s that overnight stay at Kamiti Maximum Prison that’s getting him to level zien in local and global health circles.

New Buju Banton Album?

But when it comes to Buju Banton, you’d be hard pressed for more soberness. His music already spoke from such a place full of empathy and conscientiousness. Still on the eve of his release Buju’s UK producer Blacker Dread says he has a new album full of Buju songs. I’d expect polished up releases of previously unreleased studio stuff. Possibly collabos here and there to get him to speed ( Pray-God something with Chronixx, Stephen Marley, Damian Marley or Tarrus Riley).

As we anticipate the unknown, lets rock to

Buju Banton Open Musical Letter on Tidal

Ruan Legend: Best of Buju Banton – Dancehall Session

One part of the Caribbean DJ group that’s one of the ill-est on the internet goes solo in this one

Ruan Legend : Best of Buju Banton – Reggae Session

Black Talons 357: Buju Banton Living Legend (Part 2) mix


Not entirely a Buju Banton mix, but one of his most recognizable hits that traversed beyond reggae features as the icing on this cake. Enjoy!

Chronixx~ Skanking sweet
Tarrus Riley~ Don’t come back
Morgan Heritage~ put it on
Gramps Morgan~ wash the tears
L.M.S~ Never
Jah Cure~ Pressure we hard
Winky Dee~ Gombwe
Stephen Marley~ rockstone
Sizzla~ Mama
Culture~ Jah Rastafari
Buju Banton~ hills and valleys

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