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Fucktangular, The Coolest Kid Of New Urban Slang Words of 2018

Be Warned! This List Of New Urban Slang Words of 2018 Includes Sensitive Or Vulgar Language. Fucktangular Is The First Among Equals.

Kids these days! If you’ve exclaimed, or at least remarked that way to a situation, you are probably getting too old – or out of touch. If you have heard kids speak and got nauseated at the apparent vulgarity in their language, then you are part of the many late to the party. An urban culture Luddite who, even this late into 2018, is yet to be acquainted with these new urban slang words.

The ‘informal’ language words that feature here are not modern slang words like TBT or lol; though some have echoed in the streets of Dublin, Miami, Lagos, Doha, Accra – basically every nook and cranny of the world with an internet connection and hooked on social media – for better part of the recent past.

These words do not belong to the aristocracy like this list of New Words released by Oxford English dictionary in January. They are of the street and it’s 2018 and the world is already a global village. Meaning, the next cool urban slang word that goes global, literally and figuratively, has a chance of being birthed in Nairobi as much as Cape Town or New York. With that, there is every chance of local sensitivities being violated. We explore the how and why.


A tweet, a retweet, crawled up our timeline – @MMI_MMC – and the majesty of the word popped. Fucktangular, is a word that can’t be unseen once seen. It has to be the coolest new urban slang word of 2018.

Screen shot of the Hanne Blank tweet that went viral making fucktangular the slang word of 2018

You probably will love it if you looked up the original tweet. The replies, their content and flow, are gold. It’s also from replies to this tweet that we discovered other new slang words that feature here. Words, we must add, that are of common lexicon, etymology, essence, meaning and verve.

So 2018

It’s not just how fucktangular and these words fill a ”linguistic void” as one online user put it. It’s how they are so 2018. To put it otherwise, life in the eighteenth year of the 21st century has been these words.

Because how else can one term continuing revelations on the confluence of social media giants’ crisis of ethics and modern information warfare? Perhaps a festering fucktangle of denial, delay, deflection, disinformation and malice towards the inviolability of human autonomy?

How best to term the ongoing genome editing arms race at the lowest ebb in years of the relationship between science, technology and society? Talk of designer babies on demand at this point when the ethics of human subject research is more consensual than binding can only result in a clusterfuck.

As Expected, Intelligentsia Leads The Way

These slang words may not have had the privilege of going mainstream – reports place the first use of fucktangular in twenty twelve, maybe September of twenty eighteen – but this has to be the moment it all changes.

One twitter user gloated of their use of the word at a public meet. Another offered that fucktangular rendered the research jargon ‘wicked problems’ obsolete. And just in case you are wondering who got us here to word nirvana, Hanne Blank offers the answers in a followup tweet:

“Just FYI, the student responsible for bringing the word “fucktangular” to my delighted attention has been alerted to its popularity. Said student, being a university student and an adult, has the right to choose whether to publicly identify themself with it. “

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The F word in there, hard to ignore isn’t it? We contend the vulgarity is probably the reason for the rise, and rise of these urban slang words. 2018 is an angry moment, especially for those on the left. The right aren’t spared either because, well, the left are angry. The center? True to type, are mad at the anger. It’s hard to tell the egg from the chicken here – precisely the kind of situation that’s a clusterfuck – but this is the moment alright.

screen shot of a tweet explaining the rise of new urban slang words such as fucktangular to the phenomenon of fuckularity


Clusterfuck is the grandfather of all slang words that arise from fuckularity. It has been around for half a decade or so. Going by the screen shots below, it is a noun. Therefore, we can have something like a fucktangular clusterfuck.


On the reply thread of the viral tweet on fucktangular, Twitter user @dshwa brought to light the first three of these other great slang words of 2018.


A mash up of the the words “catastrophe” and “fail”.


One of the older slang words on this list that have gained wider use in 2018. @dshwa defines accitentional as: Claiming a lucky occurrence was the plan all along.


@dshwa defines voluntold as: When the boss asks you if you’d be interested in a project / role in way that’s clear that they are actually assigning it to you regardless.


It’s taken a while for this one to get going. Attributed to right wing comedian and TV show host Jeff Foxworthy. Urban Dictionary has its definition simply as: A combination of “pandemonium” and “delirium”.


Clusterfucktastrophe found its way to urban vernacular at a time in the he 21st century similar to such a moment that has given us fucktangular. A time of anger of global scale.

Towards twenty ten, in the depth of the financial crisis, humanity as it is today battled with ideology. The question then, as now, was: Is capitalism and neoliberlisim the social contracts to end world hunger, poverty, ill health and usher world peace? Then, as now, we asked ourselves: Is going green the solution? How would we bring an end to a senseless war (Iraq then, Syria today)?

Urban Dictionary defines clusterfucktastrrophe as: An unnecessarily complicated calamity resulting from a series of poorly executed decisions or events


If crap could assume form and take shape. An adjective, anyone?


Remember the Putin – MBS bro hug at the G20 summit in Argentina that got everyone talking? Well, that was brotocracy in full flow. The reliable Urban Dictionary defines a brotocracy as: an institution or organization (i.e. schools, business, etc.) that is dominated by bros.

Screeen shot of tweet that uses the Putin-MBS handshake at the G20 conference in Argentina to explain menaing of slang word brotocracy.

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Arsene Wenger To Leave Arsenal After 21 Years

In the recent months, it became increasingly likely that Arsene Wenger will call it quits at Arsenal. It wasn’t just the results – the man who had masterminded a 49 game unbeaten streak to win the league unbeaten in 2004 now owned the dubious statistic of Arsenal being the only team in English football not to have won an away game in 2018.

It wasn’t just the fact that Arsenal’s swanky stadium The Emirates Stadium – a cathedral of football that Arsene Wenger is largely credited for enabling the London Club to build by delivering just good enough results and tidy net balances on player sales – had increasingly seen attendances drop as fans kept away. This had been blamed on not just because of the poor results, but also on the perception that the football had become boring.

Neither was it because of Arsene’s gradual loss of power when the club’s hierarchy appointed known names in European football. Arrivals that pundits pointed out nibbled away at some of the tasks that had been Wenger’s domain at the club for the past 21 years and a half.

As questions on his future at press conferences by journalists kept coming.  And Arsenal’s blogsphere exploded with speculation over who the fans desired would succeed Arsene Wenger, it was apparent that it was either an open secret that Wenger’s fate was sealed. Or maybe the critics plan simply succeeded.

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Still, many believed that the Frenchman had a chance at seeing out his contract had he won the Europa League – whose semifinal first leg comes this Thursday against Spanish giants Athletico Madrid; only for Arsene Wenger to drop this bombshell, on Friday.

Statement By Arsene Wenger Announcing That He Will Be Leaving Arsenal At The End Of The Season

“After careful consideration and following discussions with the club, I feel it is the right time for me to step down at the end of the season.
“I am grateful for having had the privilege to serve the club for so many memorable years.
“I managed the club with full commitment and integrity.
“I want to thank the staff, the players, the Directors and the fans who make this club so special.
“I urge our fans to stand behind the team to finish on a high.
“To all the Arsenal lovers take care of the values of the club.
“My love and support for ever.”

– Arsene Wenger

Arsenal Majority Owner Stan Kreonke Pays Tribute To Arsene Wenger

“This is one of the most difficult days we have ever had in all our years in sport. One of the main reasons we got involved with Arsenal was because of what Arsène has brought to the club on and off the pitch. His longevity and consistency over such a sustained period at the highest level of the game will never be matched.

“Arsène has unparalleled class and we will always be grateful to him. Everyone who loves Arsenal and everyone who loves football owes him a debt of gratitude. Three Premier League titles, including an entire season unbeaten, seven FA Cup triumphs and 20 successive years in the Champions League is an exceptional record. He has also transformed the identity of our club and of English football with his vision for how the game can be played.

“We have high ambitions to build on Arsène’s remarkable tenure and to honour his vision by ensuring that Arsenal competes for and wins the biggest and most important prizes in the game.

“We must now focus on making a strong finish to the season and ask our millions of fans around the world to join us in paying appropriate tribute to one of the greats of Arsenal’s history and one of the greats of the game.”

Arsene Wenger’s Next Move

A sabbatical is probably the first thing on his mind. Then China, maybe, to lend his expertise to the grand Chinese football project? Elite coaches like Luis Fellipe Scolari, Sven Errickson and Or the gulf states that are in the nascent stages of building the sport – Xavi is there. Maybe higher up in an exciting project like at PSG?

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Obamas in pictures: Started From the bottom now we here!

I know they aren’t -because they are too classy for that- but it seems like the Obamas are mocking Donald Trump. This is one of those situations where on meeting an ex, the lump in your throat refuses to go down. Try as you may. Including reminding yourself that you are the one that called off the relationship. But still, your stupidity continues to choke you. And there you are, regretting where your want of  “bad b*thches” got you.

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The Obamas in early retirement : A lesson to African leaders on life after office and  to young leaders the value of ‘ putting in the work’ and believing in their dreams

The African in me wondered what the first Kenyan- American would fill his time with what to many of us was essentially an early retirement. As you may know, term limits aren’t exactly African. For good reason too. In our African communitarain ethics, age begets wisdom and therefore leadership. The bad behavior of our African leaders notwithstanding.

The Obamas in retirement: Obama and Trudeau at the Chili Liverpool House Restuarant in Montreal, Canada
Obama and Trudeau: Obama meets the Canadian Prime Minister Justine Trudeau after the former President gave a talk in Montreal on climate change. Context is important here. As promised during his campaign for President, Donald Trump had just withdrawn America from the Paris Agreement. A move that observers termed as costly to American leadership of the free world.  Courtesy: The Obama Foundation/ Twitter

Though Obama’s hair had turned grey by the time he left office, compare with the pictures shared by the official twitter handle of The Obama Foundation, by our standards, Obama is still a young a man. If he were African, trust me, he would be serving a third term. Looking at early days of Trumpisim, this African solution – constitutional amendment to suit an individual – might actually be the lesser evil here.

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Egyptian goalkeeper El Hadary with a 21st century first at the 2017 Total Africa Cup of Nations

Surely, it must be the football gods! Egypt No. 1 in the 2017 edition of Total Africa Cup of nations, El Shanawy, makes the save of the tournament: A majestic leap to his left that denies Mali the goal that if it were to have been converted, would have upset an exciting, tactically delicately poised match. In doing so, he is also to deny himself his audition before the African continent. Just like abou Trika and Essam El Hadary before him.

Stat Attack

El Hadary Oldest Player Ever

Congratulations El-Hadary! A true professional. To many more Essam! You inspire us. You uplift us! A 21st century first.

El Shanawy being a losing finalist with Egyptian giant Zamalek in 2017 the CAF champions league, we were all just settling into this version of Egyptian football legend. A script that starts off with a dress rehearsal in the CAF champions league, setting the continent alight with majestic displays in club football,  before conquering the continent with performance after performance in the African cup of nations for what seems to be eons.

For all the talk of a north-south sahel divide in African football, we fans of African football, take immense pride in that Egyptian thing. We love it when homegrown talent exhibits such levels of excellence. It is a validation of the Africa rising narrative. It reassures us that our dreams are valid. That we can, live and die in Africa . More, it lets us dream that African football greats like Essam El Hadary aren’t one offs. That it can happen all over again before our very eyes!

It would have been so were it not for the injury to El Shanawy following that delectable save. Essam El Hadary, winner of four African titles, Africa’s answer to Gianlugi Buffon, warming the Egyptian bench would have been just but a symbol of sentimentality (Because how often to goalkeepers get injured anyway? ). But the gods were not done.

So aged forty four years and two days, circa twenty five minutes into the game, Essam El Hadary became Africa’s oldest international. Africa’s oldest ever man it feature in it’s premier football tournament.

Social media reacts to this rare, history one off feat.

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MMI-MMC Cheat Sheet For The 21st Century Global Citizen: Three Dicey Global Issues That You Must Understand & Take A Stand on

Whether you are and entrepreneur launching your hustle. A creative collaborating with another mind domiciled yonder. A scientist part of a global health project. A user of social media; any 21st century global citizen doing their thing ought consider these three global issues: globalization, climate change and lBGT rights. These global issues lie at the bed of ideological hills and valleys that you need to navigate.

However, this is not always the case as discord is part and parcel of team dynamics. It is only when these disagreements are grave enough to lead to mental or emotional anguish in a part of society, that there is reason to act. Image |

Society is a creature whose existence is solely reliant on the presence of harmonious co-existence between its members. However, harmony remains a utopian ideal as discord is part and parcel of organizational dynamics. It is only when these disagreements are grave enough to lead to mental or emotional anguish in a part of society, that there is reason to act.

Social problems constitute a diverse body of events, conditions and attitudes that are generally accepted to be disruptive to societal bonds. In exploring this definition of social problems, it is worth investigating further evolution in the nature of social problems by investigating them through the prism of time.

Such a casual approach emanates from knowledge gained by sociologists over years which alludes to social norms and value systems -what is considered permissible in society and what is considered vile behavior- evolves with elapsing time.

Eureka! We’ve  just discovered ‘the new World’: Globalization & Inequality

Take the case of Brazil and South Africa, the 2010 and 2014 hosts of the FIFA World Cup- the most watched event  worldwide. An event unrivaled in its impact on society vide the emotions it generates and it goes without saying, the FIFA World Cup is in most regards a money spinner of some repute.

These two football mad southern hemisphere nations have made the ‘bubbling under’ spot in the global economic charts their own. They are emerging economies thanks in large parts to prudent government led initiatives such as the much lauded cash transfer programmer in Brazil and a liberal constitutional dispensation for South Africa. These nations have been earmarked for massive socioeconomic advances in the near future.

Not so long ago, a decade to be precise, before immediate former Brazilian president Lulu marched the football powerhouse into the hall of  global economic giants, Rio was infamous for its Favelas rather than as home to executive corner offices.

On the other side of the pacific, South Africa long burdened by its dark past of apartheid and xenophobia, was at best the ‘Okay’ place for a global entrepreneur to seed their money. An oasis in the otherwise Sahara-like business climate of Africa.

Not many cared much for doing business in these regions of the world. If coin was to find its way to Africa, South America Asia, it had to be charity and not business.

As it goes, with time and a host of events including the global economic meltdown of the late years of the first decade of the 21st Century; the coming to age of the information eon and what is now emerging as shrewd business by Chinese.


The BRICS nations are the center of the money flows generated by the realignment of global finance by these players. China emerged as Africa’s main trade partner as curtains fell on the first decade of the 21st century. Moreover, liquidity in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa resulted in seismic changes as capital flowed south.

However, as manifest in Brazil and South Africa, as wealth increases, an unfortunate scenario has also grown in magnitude. In the leading lights of the forgotten societies of Latin America and Africa, trouble. Wealth has metamorphosed into a ‘new’ social problem: a widening wealth gap.

The poor in these societies, work the hardest, yet it is the already wealthy embarrassingly wealthy fiefdoms who lead these societies whose lives keep changing for the better.

Slum dog Millionaires

Hosting a world cup is like hosting a global economic forum. Only the swankiest locations with matching facilities fit for millionaires stand a chance. Don’t be mistaken, footballers who play in World Cups are not poor. It is all good until a splash of images from the Brazil and South Africa edition emerge. Stills that paint in 1000 words, worlds uglier than the backstage of a concert.

The shame of shanties next to multi-million dollar somewhat utilized state of the art stadiums. This story of injustice: less fortunate members of the society living in squalid conditions amidst the obscene wealth of the 21st Century is not alien to Johannesburg, Rio, Mumbai, Lagos or Nairobi.

It is the fate of cities of the world today. UN Habitat estimates that more than half of humanity will be living in urban set ups by mid-century. Sadly, it seems most will be residing in informal settlements.

Their World Cup

The tragedy of South Africa lies in how fast the jubilant tunes of Waka Waka – it is time for Africa-  have morphed into a resigned ‘It’s THEIR World Cup’ dirge. Said with a throw of the hand in the air dramatizing the deep-seated resentment, despair and hopelessness.

Here the third person, their, is in reference to the rich of yesterday now turned super rich. A select section of  society fortunate to continually posses the ability to exploit newly available economic opportunities. This, as  the majority poor remain economically handicapped by disease, ignorance and hunger.

Thus starved of opportunities, time seems to have made thieves, harlots and delinquents of the 2nd, 3rd generation global citizen. Descendants arising from a rich heritage of  proud farmers, herders and traders of yesteryear; as evidenced by ceiling high levels of a twin social problem to income inequality: crime.

Taking into consideration the bitter-sweet mix of  life of the aforementioned societies, You be the judge on whether time, with one hand gives ( the convenience of technology impacting positively on the gross domestic production of a society leading to better quality of life) and with the other time takes (crime and other forms of social delinquency).

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Climate Change: Green House Emissions, Hybrid/ Electric Cars, a Sustainable Future and the 21st Century Global Citizen

Today, regions south of the equator undergo a mini economic renaissance early in the 21st Century. In the last century, the northern hemisphere was accumulating the wealth it boasts of now. The industrial revolution was at  full vigor and coal- later on oil and other fossil fuels- were the standard forms of energy.

As recently as the 1960’s terms like green house gases emissions, climate change science made sense only to a smattering of outliers: eccentric professors and the likes. Even now, an eminent 21st century global citizen Jeffery Saachs don’t necessarily garner worldwide acclaim.

The concern then was on how best to mass manufacture dependable, sell-able cars rather than the talk of green technology, electric cars that appears to be the norm today in automobile manufacturing capitals of the world starting east with Toyota across Europe to Eminem’s home city of Michigan.

Though man is way off from the fate of the Javan Tiger, climate change scientists warn of a bleak future. Activists are adamant that if the trend is not retarded, extinction of species is likely. This could be the fate of tigers, black rhinoceros, Grevy’s zebra and polar bears. Moreover, the environmental impact of global warming has caused untoward suffering to members of the global society. Especially so for the global citizen residing in lesser developed nations.

Somalia Piracy

In exchange for a platter of jobs – as the global economy shifts production south to areas of cheap labor to maximize profit- time hands them [in lesser developed nations] a side dish of ever-increasing food prices; a situation  worsened by a widening global food deficit as climatic change takes its toll on land productivity.

The human old battle for resource continues to manifest itself as new forms of social problems in the 21st Century. An increasingly crowded planet underlies the majority of ongoing wars and conflicts. Some controversially argue that the pirates off the coast of Somalia are in some respects otherwise socially fit individuals struggling to cope with climate change.

Lads, the 21st century global citizen, boxed into partaking this vile version of an 8 to 5. Then there are the lads who contest all this as bad science. Starting with the 44th President of The United States of America: Donald Trump. Enough said.

The LBGT ‘Problem’ : Is the 21st century global citizen pansexual?

In all cases, social problems arise out of conflicts in ideals. There could be no better example than in the issue of homosexuality. In general, 21st global citizen will have to find lots of answers on lots of questions about sexuality.

Lady Gaga in a ‘Meat Dress’. won in protest against the controversial  ‘Don’t Ask Don’t tell’ Policy in the US Military. Unofficial stance that sought to be indifferent to gays and lesbians serving the military. A dithering that ended up being widely criticized in neo-liberal circles for being oppressive to the rights of LBGT community.

In days gone by, the church and government seemed to be reading from the same script. Homosexuality was considered an abomination both by the law of the land and by church doctrine. Society followed suit. It was not until 1973 when the American Association of Psychiatrists declassified homosexuality as a mental disease.

Moreover, over the years, governments have increasingly embraced liberal ideals. The recognition of gay marriages by law stands as a stack reminder. Some blame favorable depiction of gay unions in Hollywood. However, it can’t be denied that sections of the Christian community have abandoned old ideals to fly the rainbow flag.

Do these actions by a host of world governments and a section of  the religious community symbolize a  reconciliation of ideals ? Is this pro- gay rights movement a sign of a world that holds the rights of the individual sacred over all else? Conversely,  if art indeed mimics life,  are the actions of Hollywood, music stars and celebrities a depiction of the acceptable in society?

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