Poster: 2019's ripe to start blogging

Making A New Year Resolution List? Why Blogging Should Be Top In 2019

Poster: 2019's ripe to start blogging

Blogging can be such a reward. Whether you start your blog or vlog as a hobby or as a side hustle, you’ll soon appreciate that the little joys of the blogging lifestyle can make living in the 21st century a dream. Because a blog is what a dog was to the nineties. A gold fish to the eighties. Or a pet iguana to the seventies. Here’s why blogging should top your New Year resolution list in 2019. 

The best things in life are free. Immense beauty lies in subtlety. Life has a way of hiding from us its sweetest side. You never know that the pleasant surprise, that awww moment, is there until it happens. Like when Max, your terrier, fetches the freebie that first time. Or waking up Saturday morning to feed the fish in the fish tank, only to find extra mouths – little mouths only hours old – coming up for food.

Blogging Is A Fest of AWWW Moments

I still remember that day in April of 1993, barely weeks after we got acquainted, when I taught my puppy, Scooby, its first trick – to lie on its back and shake my hand. Blogging has a way of making such moments become real. It has a way, just like life, to show you what you have been missing.

A particular late hour of a day in 2010, early in my blogging life is still fresh on my mind. That night I had managed to write down my first piece of code. It was a simple design tweak for my blog, Moran in the City, some so many hours after signing on Google’s blogger. But it meant much more beyond the confidence boost that comes with learning something new. At that moment, I knew I had the keys to another world, another existence with different rules.

Blogging is moments unforgettable. Technology moments when you spare a thought to contemplate Virginia Scott’s bestseller “How Google Changed the World”. Blogging is about the possibilities of technology. It unravels the world. Lets you in on the the foresight of Steven Spielberg’s Tom Cruise stared blockbuster “Minority Report” – adapted from Philip K. Dick’s short story, “The Minority Report”.

Successful Blogging Is The Price You Name

Success blogging is more egalitarian than most other endeavors. The rewards do differ depending on your goal: internet entrepreneur or purist out to teach a philosophy; but they mean the same to each.

If the reason why blogging tops your New Year resolution list is because you are embarking on a quest to share your life passion, there is always a kindred soul somewhere.

Maybe you are embarking on the hustle of making  your voice heard above the online buzz as a social media influencer. It’s never lonely out there. You’ll find humans ready to help you along – scratch your back as you scratch theirs.

If the goal is everyday tech experiences. To contribute – thus commune a mere mortal as yourself with gods like Linus Torvalds – to the lifetime work of 21st century Einsteins, there are plenty of gigs. Jump onto a bandwagon, write code and explain code by blogging away your experience.

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