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“Liar” by Masauti ft Tanasha is an ode to Wahu’s timeless classic by the same title

New music review: “Liar” by Masauti ft Tanasha, a ballad that samples “Liar” by Wahu a timeless classic of Kenyan pop music released some decade and a half ago.

In this still form the video to liar by masauti ft tanasha, masauti (right) and tanasha donna (left) pose for a picture in regal attire
Image still from the video to Liar by Masauti and Tanasha Donna

I dare say everything: from the bass-line to hook and even subtle hints in the way the song is arranged, “Liar” by Masauti feat. Tanasha reminded me of Wahu’s timeless classic by the same title.

Liar by Masauti ft Tanasha maybe of slower tempo, nonetheless the subtle sampling of the dancefloor hit by Wahu is not in doubt. The topics might be different – a young girl talks of her naivety when she met a much older man in Wahu’s take vis-a-vis a young couple lady unsure each other’s intentions with Masauti.

Still, the message remains relatable. It dials a number with fans far and wide. Because everyone has, or at least will, have an experience in the dating game whereby they don’t trust or are not trusted by their object of affection.


That said, when this song done largely in Swahili is compared to Tiwa Savage’s “Dangerous Love” which has a similar theme of a love unsure, Masauti’s “Liar” is likely to resonate more with East African audiences. This is thanks to the songs Taarab/ bongo music vibe; a sound that’s more familiar to these audiences.

Watch/ listen/ compare: “Liar” by Masauti featuring Tanasha vs “Liar” by Wahu

“Liar” by Masauti featuring Tanasha

“Liar” by Wahu

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